How do you charge for credit repair?

The Credit Assistance Network wastes no time getting down to business. Within three days of setting up your account, this credit repair agency may submit up to 45 letters of dispute to credit bureaus on your behalf. This agency states that many clients see results within 15 to 30 days because the company immediately begins sending dispute and debt validation letters on their behalf. Pyramid states that most of its customers see changes in credit rating within 45 days of opening a Consumers have the right to challenge credit information they deem inaccurate.

This process is, and has always been, completely free of charge. This service, which is often confused with credit restoration, cannot remove legitimate items reported to credit bureaus. Instead of paying a company to send letters of dispute to credit bureaus, which you can do online yourself at no cost, you can use that money to pay any obligations delinquent, outstanding collections or credit card debts. While there are legitimate credit repair companies out there, the countryside is also fertile territory for scammers.

Since credit repair companies are prohibited from charging upfront fees for work that has not yet been performed, the fee you will be charged each month will be for work completed the previous month. Check your credit score within a month or two to see if it has changed (not all errors will affect your credit score). But if you just want a better credit score and don't plan to apply for a loan or a new credit card in the near future, then paying for high-level service is probably overkill. These things can lower your credit score and get you out of the running for a loan or credit card.

Since most credit repair services charge per month, it's a good idea to budget for at least six months of service charges. Pyramid Credit Repair is a rare agency that files unlimited disputes on behalf of a client each month. One of the most unfortunate parts of credit repair companies is that there are a lot of scammers hiding among legitimate companies. That guarantee is great peace of mind if you're new to credit repair and aren't sure if a service can help you.

In other words, you should avoid any credit repair company that asks you to pay charges “up front” or “up front” before you have completed the work you are paying for. With full-service credit repair, you authorize the service to obtain your credit reports; in some cases, you pay a fee for that step. These services may send a dispute letter to each of the credit reporting agencies requesting the removal of anything that should not appear on your credit report. However, some bad apples claim that they can erase your credit history or promise that you'll leave with an excellent credit score.

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